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Our journey in the healthcare industry has provided us with invaluable insights into the distinct challenges faced by hospice providers. We leverage this knowledge to design services that effectively manage costs, improve data access, and elevate patient care.
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Revolutionizing Hospice Care

MaxHaven redefines hospice services with tailored contracts, transparent pricing, and a high-performing pharmacy network for unparalleled patient-focused solutions.

Customized Contracts

Our contracts are crafted to fit your unique requirements. With a base contract and various add-ons available a-la-carte, you pay only for the technology you need. This adaptability caters to hospice companies of all shapes and sizes, from non-profits and for-profits to hospital-based and startups.

Transparent Pricing Innovation

MaxHaven has pioneered an innovative and transparent pricing model. Our pricing solution can be independently verified by a third party, ensuring complete transparency in your budget.

High-Performing Pharmacy Network

We've assembled a network of top-performing independent pharmacies, each meeting stringent criteria. This network guarantees superior patient outcomes and consistent pricing and service standards throughout.

Partner with MaxHaven

We invite hospices of every kind – non-profit, for-profit, hospital-based, established, and start-up – to embark on a transformative journey with us in reshaping the future of hospice care.

Envisioning the Future of Hospice Care

Our vision is to transform hospice management services. Our dedication stems from a desire to empower hospice providers with flexible, transparent, and specialized solutions that enable them to deliver exceptional care.

Empowering Your Journey

Our mission is to provide our clients with adaptable contracts and pricing models that place them firmly in control of their technology needs and budget. Our dedicated team, consisting of experienced professionals in pharmacy, technology, and customer service, is committed to making a substantial impact for our clients.

Discover Our Innovative Features

What Sets Us Apart

MaxHaven’s innovative core capabilities not only address the unique needs of hospice care but also revolutionize the industry through a range of unparalleled features and capabilities.

Specialized Hospice Formulary

Our distinctive edge lies in our carefully crafted formulary, meticulously curated by a clinical pharmacist with over a decade of specialization in managing hospice specialty pharmacies, enabling precise, patient-specific recommendations that transcend the generic approach of alternative solutions.

Personalized Clinical Guidance

MaxHaven offers the opportunity to collaborate with a hospice clinical pharmacist for customized opioid conversions, a comprehensive range of educational in-services covering various hospice disease states, and invaluable insights from a pharmacist with specialized hospice experience.

E-Prescribing and EMR Integration

Our electronic prescribing and EMR integration reduce the administrative burden on hospice employees, allowing them to spend more time with patients and reducing the likelihood of errors in patient demographic entries.

Real-Time Dashboard Access

MaxHaven grants you real-time access to a dashboard to monitor pharmacy claim information, compare medication pricing and ordering trends in real time, and make informed decisions faster.

Prior Authorization and Eligibility Management

We provide training that empowers hospice staff to manage prior authorizations and eligibility, enabling quicker patient access to medications.

Emergency Kit Management

MaxHaven offers customizable E-kit creation, enabling hospices to choose the optimal combination of medications for their unique patient population.

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